YEAR: 2019



If computers are the modern day playground, who makes the rules?

From an early age, many children are spending too much time using computers (phones, tablets, laptops...), and the time they are spending is unregulated. Traditional ways of keeping kids out of trouble are obsolete now that computers surround us.

By relating traditional games and parenting tropes to the ever-growing digital playground, we raise awareness of the danger that comes with uncontrolled computer usage. We encourage parents to reconsider the boundaries they have set with technology, because today life is more complicated than just being back before the street lights come on.

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Instagram takeover

A stream of sponsored posts directed towards new parents/those with young kids. The posts will relate to things a child may be interested in such as cartoons or toys.

Some of the posts will have a product such as food, but will be advertised in a way a restaurant may be advertised to an adult. Because of the influx of child related posts and odd targeting of those ads, parents will be perplexed and want to learn more.

The captions will each be slightly modified to relate to the post they are associated with, but will all have a line saying something like this;

“Kids get bored easily...whether it be out shopping with you or at an appointment. We understand that, but still get a tad mixed up whether it’s you or your little one scrolling through your phone. Refresh your feed to return back to your adult life or click the link for ways of keeping your little rascal entertained without just handing them the phone. If you are the kid reading this, well, we assume you’ll enjoy scrolling on.”

If they choose to click the link, they will be directed to a page with unique tips and methods of keeping their child entertained, without resorting to a phone.

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